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Art Class Is Boring? Try These Multiplayer Drawing Games Instead!

To no one’s surprise, art classes can lose their charm after a while. The stress of attaining good grades and being regular in classes doesn’t help either. Virtual drawing platforms provide a great solution and keep your interest in art at its peak. They're like safe spaces where you can let loose and get creative, feeling free to explore and have fun with others - all while partaking in competitive games.

If you're looking for interactive art games online, worry not! Keep reading to discover the top multiplayer drawing games currently:

5) Drawasaurus

Whether you want to have fun with friends or enjoy a spontaneous drawing session with strangers. Drawasaurus got you. In this game, each player takes turns drawing on a blank canvas while the rest try to guess what it is. The quicker someone guesses correctly, the more points they earn! Whoever has the most points by the end of 3rd round, wins.

You can create a private lobby and invite your friends by sharing the room’s URL. Up to 16 people can join so it’s a great choice for a big group of friends and family. If you’re a teacher looking to conduct a fun classroom activity, Drawasaurus would be a perfect choice in that case, too!

4) Skribbl

Similar to Drawasaurus, Skribbl allows players to join a room and partake in a fast-paced, art guessing game. With the ability to host up to 20 players and accommodate around 10 rounds, it's a perfect option for educational purposes or simply for some fun. Additionally, Skribbl provides the option to join random rooms, allowing for fun interactions with strangers.

Usually, Skribbl has more audience than Drawasaurus, so if you’re planning to join a random room, we suggest you choose Skribbl. Create your own avatar and dive into your next round of guessing. 

3) Gartic Phone

If guessing games aren't your cup of tea, why not switch to something more entertaining? Try Gartic Phone, where you and your friends can dive into an incredibly fun Telephone drawing game. Here, each player draws an image, and others get to complete it by relying on the previous frame. Once the round wraps up, enjoy watching a hilarious animated video featuring everyone's contributions.

What’s better? There are tons of other modes too. So, gather your friends and have a hilarious round of Gartic Phone!

2) Depict-it

A mixture of both Pictionary and Telephone, Depict-it offers hilarious outcomes at the end of each round. With easy accessibility, players can invite friends using a simple URL. The gameplay is simple: draw an image for the next player to guess, then witness the laughter as subsequent players attempt to interpret and illustrate the guesses. It's a guaranteed recipe for endless fun with your buddies.

1) Drawize

Drawize is an online drawing and guessing game experience followed by its user-friendly interface. Unlike Skribbl and Drawasaurus, Drawize has an intuitive design that makes it easy for players of all ages to navigate and enjoy. As you progress through the game by completing tasks, you can unlock new colours and tools, adding excitement and creativity to your experience. Furthermore, Drawize provides weekly challenges, offering players an opportunity to test their skills and compete with friends.

Drawize isn't just for fun - it's also a useful tool for learning. Teachers can use it for drawing class activities, helping students express themselves creatively and work together in an entertaining environment. With its easy-to-use interface and many features, Drawize is great for both entertainment and educational purposes. 

This concludes our list of best multiplayer drawing games. Keep yourself engaged in these virtual platforms and unleash your creativity alongside fellow players. Do you have any suggestions for more online drawing games? Let us know in the comments below. Good Luck, artists!