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7 Games to train your memory!

With all the distractions in the modern world, it’s easy to start losing attention span and by extension, have trouble remembering things easily. Fortunately, there are many fun ways to train your memory and keep it sharp, all without the need to download an app or even make an account! Here’s 7 games that can help you train your memory that you can play freely on the browser, in no particular order;


Memorymatching.com is a simple online matching game that helps you train your memory by matching hidden pictures with each other. The game is timed, and each match is tracked. This website requires no log in, and you can hop in to just start playing!


  • Minimal Ads
  • Easy to jump in and play
  • Provides dailies, challenges, and times your play sessions for a more challenging experience
  • Has many options for topics
  • Website provides other memory games
  • Explains the benefits of the games


  • Fairly basic matching game
  • May not be the most child friendly in terms of eliciting enthusiasm

Link: https://www.memorymatching.com/ 

Improve Memory.org

Improve Memory.org is a fairly younger audience oriented website with many memory games, primarily matching games among others. There’s no sign up, and you can play any of their plethora of games for free right from the browser.


  • Child friendly aesthetics
  • Variety of memory games


  • Fair amount of ads
  • Although the games have variety, most of them are basic for an adult

Link: https://www.improvememory.org/brain-games/memory-games/ 


Braingymmer is a dedicated site for a game that acts like “the gym for your brain” and provides memory games that are unique and quite challenging. Unlike other memory game sites, BrainGymmer has a progression system where the game becomes harder and harder as you continue playing.


  • Explains the benefits of the game
  • The game is fairly unique
  • The game starts simple enough, but progression makes it more challenging and engaging
  • No ads


  • Fairly basic visuals (might not appeal to younger audiences)
  • You lose progress if you don’t make an account to track it
  • Challenging nature might not be for everyone

Link: https://www.braingymmer.com/en/ 


MindgGames.com provides a variety of memory games with a child friendly aesthetic. The thing that sets these sets of games apart is that there are ratings for each of them, so you can look at a glance which are the more higher rated and therefore typically higher quality memory game.


  • Has a rating system
  • Aesthetics appeal to children
  • Has a minimum amount of ads
  • Has a variety of games


  • Some games curated might not be appropriate for educational purposes for children
  • Many lower rated games
  • Has ads

Link: https://www.mindgames.com/Memory 


Memozor is a site with a collection of curated memory games that might suit your needs without too much fuss. This site also has a rating system, allowing you to judge which games might be for you. In addition to that, the variety of memory games on this site is actually curated into different genres/categories, making it easier for you to find a game you’d like to play.


  • Has a rating system
  • Has a categorization system
  • Balanced Aesthetics that appeals to both kids and adult casual players
  • Has printable memory games


  • Has ads

Link: https://www.memozor.com/ 


HelpfulGames is an online memory game that has a minimalistic design and is designed to be played in a progression system through different levels of difficulty, albeit with simpler games such as matching games.


  • Simple UI
  • Easy to start playing, and the progression system can be challenging, increasing engagement


  • Quite simple in game design
  • Has ads

Link: https://www.helpfulgames.com/subjects/brain-training/memory.html 


If you’re looking for memory games designed specifically to learn English as a second language, ESLGames+ provides a plethora of specially designed games for you. With friendly visuals and many different topics, this memory game site might be ideal for a young ESL learner.


  • Specialized for ESL
  • Provides many varied topics
  • Friendly aesthetic


  • Many ads

Link: https://www.eslgamesplus.com/memory-games/

Those are 7 games where you can train your memory without even needing to log in or download anything! Choose the right one for you, and hopefully you’ll get the benefit of an improved memory while still having fun too!