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5 Engaging Mental Arithmetic Math Games to Boost Your Brain Power

A delightful and effective method to support cognitive function is through brain-training games. These gamified exercises enhance skills like verbal competency and memory. 

While initially marketed towards older adults, brain-training games can benefit individuals of all ages, provided you choose a game that best matches your skill level.

To help you find a great match for your skills and interests, we've created a list of five fun brain-training games. We've also explained how these games can boost your cognitive health.


Game Link: https://www.lumosity.com/en/

Subject: Problem Solving, Math, Speed, Language, Memory Jogging

Lumosity offers brain-training games on its website and app. Every day, users get new games that challenge memory, problem-solving, language, math, and speed. The app adjusts the games to improve weaknesses and build on cognitive strengths.

There are over 40 custom games, including Trouble Brewing, which helps with divided attention by managing coffee orders, and Pirate Passage, which enhances planning skills by finding routes to treasure. 

Lumosity has a free plan with limited games and a paid plan for $11.99 a month or $59.99 a year that gives access to more games and progress-tracking tools.

Math Madness

Game Link: https://www.cognifit.com/math-madness#

Subject: Math

Math Madness is an engaging and demanding game designed to enhance various cognitive abilities, including auditory short-term memory, recognition, and non-verbal memory. The game is split into two segments.

In the first segment, players are required to remember an image along with its assigned value, followed by solving a mathematical operation. The second segment involves recalling a sequence of images and their positions on a board before tackling another mathematical problem.

 As players advance to higher levels, the difficulty increases by merging these segments, offering a more rigorous memory challenge. This game aims to stimulate and exercise different facets of memory and recognition. 


Game Link: https://www.braingle.com

Subject: Math, Trivia

To sharpen your mind in an online community environment, try Briangle. This free website offers a wide variety of puzzles, trivia sets, and other games designed to enhance your cognitive abilities. 

Briangle claims to host the world's largest collection of brain-training games, boasting over 15,000 options on its platform. Unlike other brain-training sites, Briangle features a community aspect where players can interact with one another and compete. 

"For some people, the additional benefit of a sense of community and social support encourages consistent gameplay," says Dr. Pilitisis. Users can join games as guests or register for an account at no cost. Registration is open to anyone over 13, or younger with parental consent.

Duolingo Math 

Game Link: https://www.braingle.com

Subject: Fraction, Perimeter, Division, Multiplication, Geometry, Decimals

The Math course offered by Duolingo builds on the elements that make learning delightful and engaging, such as fun animations, interactive exercises, and a world of characters cheering learners along the way. 

There are two options for new learners: beginner math, which covers foundational topics, and intermediate math, which enhances everyday skills with more challenging exercises. The course features a range of inventive exercises designed to teach and enhance foundational math topics. 

Key concepts in the elementary course include Multiplication (times tables, commutative property, associative property, multi-factor), Division (division tables, even versus odd), Fractions (fractions with numbers, improper fractions, mixed fractions, comparing fractions), and Area and Perimeter.

Elevate Labs 

Game Link: https://elevateapp.com/

Subject: Math, reading, speaking, vocabulary, writing

Elevate’s brain games transcend the traditional approach of teaching math solely for the sake of rote learning. Instead, these games are designed to seamlessly integrate mathematical practice into engaging, daily exercises. 

Spend just a few minutes each day, and you'll find yourself immersed in activities that go beyond mere numbers. You'll hone practical techniques that have real-world applications, such as calculating the perfect tip at a restaurant or adjusting your favourite recipe to serve a larger or smaller group. 

This hands-on approach ensures that the skills you develop are not only relevant but also indispensable in your everyday life, making each session both enjoyable and beneficial.